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I watched it and was overwhelmed. What do you want me to do? You are a saint to have made it.

Ben Stein

Thanks, Brad!
I've always been one for seeking/finding the truth, even if it's sometimes, some of it's painful. Unfortunately, I don't think that'sthe case with the mainstream media back there in the US.I, along with my coworkers, work at the US Embassy in Baghdad where we read and analyze the war (via computer reports)everyday. And I can safely say that things here are shapingup for the Iraqi people, especially since the election. The attacks have been at/near record lows, more of the locals are turning in the AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces--read: "Insurgents"), and more and moreIraqi Police andIraqi Army are graduating from their training schools and are taking over more of the security of their cities/communities/country.And the Iraqi people I've met and spoken with here at the embassy are very positive and much appreciative of what we're doing, for them and for the rest of the Middle East/world So, please keepsending your message of truth and know that you, too, are very much appreciated.

Steve M Intel Analyst
Regional Security Office
US Embassy, Baghdad


My name is Keith Maupin. I am the Dad of the missing soldier in Iraq. Sgt Matt Maupin, captured 9 April 2004. They have him listed as CAPTURED/MIA. Your site said you would mail one to any soldier serving there. Matt is there and I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of the movie. It will be here when Matt gets home. (It is there waiting for him now. Please pray for his safe return - Brad)


I am a US Army Artilleryman stationed near Balad, Iraq until January. I wanted to thank you So much for your effort on this film. It's been the most inspirational film that I've watched since I've been here (and I've watched a lot).

The other day I walked into my room and saw a DVD laying there. Upon asking my roommate what it was and reading the back of it, I promptly threw it into the portable DVD player we have in our room and watched it instead of getting some much needed sleep. For the next two hours I was AMAZED by what I was watching.

PFC Matthew Haynes Marcus

Operation Iraqi Freedom III
Forward Operating Base Paliwada, Iraq

Back Off, Brad! (We think this is tongue-in cheek)

I'm a would-be dictator who is opposed to any American intervention in toppling tyrants. Every time the United States takes down a mass murdering thug, my dreams of becoming overlord recede further into the distance. Your film "Weapons of Mass Destruction" is not helping my efforts either. People like me--egomaniacs who have a vengeance against modern society--deserve a break. Your sidegot Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Slobodan Milosevec, and recently Saddam Hussein. What more do you want? Back off and let me rule the earth. It's only fair. Thanks.

Sincerely, Maria S. Miami, FL

Dear Brad,

Like so many people (at the Liberty Film Festival in West L.A.) I was moved by your film. I have never once seen people come up to a filmmaker in tears thanking him for his effort. What's even more extraordinary is that this was your first film. Congratulations and good luck on your adventure.

Robert J.
Fullerton, CA

We did not make this up - It is an email received - See Message from Producers!

People like you really make me sick. You are constantly berating men like Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro, when, unlike the leaders of America, all they are trying to do is bring social improvement to the lives of their people. What is so wrong with trying to help people, to raise them above poverty, to free them from the shackles of American imperialism? You greatly misunderstand Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein can be more defined as a humanitarian who wanted only equality and peace for his people. Iraq was poised to become the ideal nation of the Middle East, a shining example, that is until American imperial forces stopped any progress. Your film WMD is mere propaganda. You distort the truth because you have a blood thirst for oil to run your machines. You condemn progressive men like Saddam
Hussein in order to push forth your own twisted political agendas, an agenda based on greed and hatred for people of color. You have no shame or remorse for encouraging the rampage of racist America across the globe. Maybe one day Americans will wake up from its sleepy hatefilled present, and discard their selfish, materialistic ways. When that day comes (and it will!) we will have true peace and equality on this planet. Until then, we will have to live with the shame and horror of having ousted a great leader, a man with a vision, a man, unlike the fascist George Bush, who only sought to
help his people and bring more dignity to their lives.

Johnna Bunn

This is one of the few we can Print! You "Wankers" know what we mean.

Dear Jano-

My wife and I support our country in the fight against terrorism throughout the world. Again you did a great job and I want to do everything I can to spread the word about your movie prior to the election. God bless you and your partner and your family's and GOD BLESS AMERICA and it's soldiers for what they are doing to stop the threat of terrorism.

Sincerely yours,
Randy & Sandy W.
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Brad, Bren and Earl,

I am a 28 year old Marine SSgt with the Marine Security Guard Program. I am due to rotate back to the FMF in July and can't wait to go to the 'sand box' and help with the War on Terrorism! Your Video was watched by my detachment one day and everyone had looks on their faces of pure shock!! There just seemed to be so much information that we never knew. Don't get me wrong...all of us believe that what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan is 110% necessary and just!! I wish you the best of luck.

Andrew K.

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