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I am proud to have been in Iraq with the Voices of Soldiers Tour where I was able to give my personal thanks to those fighting for our freedom.

Brad Maaske - Executive Producer

In memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom in Afganistan and Iraq please visit

Also read Mohammed's eloquent post at "Iraq the Model" for an Iraqi view abour our presence in Iraq.

Freedom isn't Free

The Documentary Film



This film exposes the atrocities committed by the former Iraq dictator through first hand accounts and demonstrates the necessity of removing him from power.

Are You Ready for the Truth?

WMD begins with an ambush interview of Michael Moore by Evan Coyne Maloney in which Michael Moore admits that Farenheit 9/11 is not a documentary. Michael Moore says Farenheit 9/11 " is like an Op Ed for the newspaper." (

The source footage in WMD will be used as evidence of war crimes committed by Saddam's regime in the upcoming war trial of Ali Hasan al-Majid, "Chemical Ali' and Saddam Hussein. With the first trial of Saddam postponed until November 28, 2005, the International Community is already proclaiming that Iraq can't fairly try these mass murderers while the US occupies Iraq.

This Documentary will allow you to judge for yourself whether Iraqi's are capable of governing themselves and find out how the victims of Saddam Hussein feel about the American Liberation effort.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains in detail the Bush Doctrine and the Socio/Economic factors that can result from a policy of promoting Democracy in the Middle East. ( This Documentary was first completed in November of 2004 and has been updated as of the October 2005 Referendum on the Constitution and many of the facts shown in the movie are now being verified daily. (Of particular note are the elections in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, and the call for free elections in Egypt as well as demonstrations by up to a million citizens of Lebanon for the Hezbollah terrorist in the Baath party to get out of Lebanon) The Wind of Freedom is beginning to burn like a wildfire all over the Middle East - see "Message from the Producers" on this site.

Brad L. Maaske, a Licensed Real Estate Broker, is the unlikely filmmaker of this powerful documentary expose of the horrors of the Saddam Hussein regime and the failures of the United Nations. In the present political climate, many have criticized the decision to go to war in Iraq. Weighing the human and economic toll of going to war against a tyrant in Iraq, an inquiring mind wants to know, "Is it worth it?" That's the essential question asked in WMD. Maaske, along with Kurdish filmmaker and associate director/producer Jano Rosebiani, demonstrate that it was a humanitarian necessity to free the Iraqi people from the murderous rule of Hussein.

The film has already helped to raise the morale of many veterans of the Iraq war and their families by showing the immense evil of the regime they helped to defeat. Over 15,000 copies have been sent to the Troops serving in Iraq to let them know that many in America do support their efforts.

The effort to raise morale was so successful that officers in Iraq have asked the USO for additional copies of the movie for those serving. Working with the USO and a major sponsor we expect to provide 500,000 more copies to send to every member of the US military serving overseas in the coming months!

Alarmed by the lack of outcry against the atrocities committed by Hussein's regime, Maaske set out to uncover the truth surrounding the under-reported acts of atrocity committed directly by or under the command of Saddam Hussein, along with Iraq's links to global terrorism and America's military action to remove Hussein from power.

In the stirring conclusion to "WMD," townspeople of Exeter, California, gather on a high school football field for the memorial service of Army Specialist Daniel Unger who was killed in action in Iraq. The wife of his commanding officer reads an account of Daniel's bravery, and his parents speak privately of their son's sacrifice for freedom.

Although many filmmakers have chosen to ignore the horrific atrocities that the Iraqi people had to endure under Hussein and the sacrifice that American soldiers have made to free them from these atrocities, WMD directs the viewer to the little-known facts. Regardless of anyone's political views, the story of Saddam Hussein's evil reign, and the horrors that were thankfully ended by bringing this reign to an end, is one that all Americans should know.

" WMD - The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein" is the co-production of Brad Maaske, The Iraqi Truth Project LLC, and Earl Grizzell of Grizzell Productions.

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A Curriculum Guide is Available on this Website. Please see WMD (PDF) Flyer

Copies of the movie are also available for free distribution to the families of the fallen heroes from the Iraq War as well as bumper stickers "Half my Heart is in Iraq" for all who ask.

We are still seeking a sponsor or sponsors to help with our USO Project. Sponsorship will include a personal message delivered to the 500,000 US troops proudly serving overseas as well as National Media Recognition.

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