Message from the Producers

When we made WMD we realized that in America many people hate President Bush and many others oppose the war in Iraq and, any war, anywhere . We believe the rest of America should hear the Truth about Iraq and we have been dissapointed in the Main Stream Media's failure to report it.

The movie is a documentary. It does not support any candidate. It explains President Bush's actions and the Bush Doctrine. No matter how you tell the story, the people who hate will keep on hating. Some even believe that Saddam is a hero for being strong and killing his people to maintain control. I doubt if anything in this lifetime will change that.

Our response in America so far has been exactly as we had expected. Those who hate President Bush, denounce this as a political propaganda piece. Those who favor President Bush think it is one of the better documentaries they have ever seen, especially those in the military risking their lives for our freedom. What we are most pleased with is that those with open minds have watched the movie and said, "I did not know this -- why hasn't anyone else explained it".

As Brad said in the movie, "I hope freedom catches the wind and blows like a wildfire throughout the Middle East!" The first few embers are beginning to land, some will be stomped out, and some will continue to burn until the fire of freedom grows out of control. That is our dream.

The Iraqipeople have suffered many injustices. Even if the worldcriticizes the movie, we hope they will hear the truth of the victims voices. Over time I believe that the world will also realize that if not for President Bush and the precious lives of the American and coalition soldiers, the Iraqi people would not have been freed, and the wind of freedom would have been suppressed for many more years in the Middle East. We pray daily for these changes. All over the world!

We believe that if a message is the truth, sometimes it must still be told, even if it is unpopular. We hope the viewers can see the truth in this movie and help in some small or large way to get this message to all the people in the world. We can't let atrocities like this happen again, anywhere!

Group Showings for Educational Purposes

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Brad - Bren - Earl

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